Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Get the most sought after hospitality services at service apartments in New Delhi

When it comes to choosing accommodation at a new location, we usually prefer references from an experienced person or a person who has already visited that place. However, this fact is getting disappeared with the emergence of internet technologies. Be it hotel booking or finding the best restaurant in a locality, internet is the most preferred medium available these days.

Those days are past when people were used to stay in hotels as with the changing times, new accommodation options have come up with much better services at affordable prices. In addition, exploring these options today is much easier with the help of internet and Google. Just type the related key phrases like apartment hotels in Delhi or service apartments in New Delhi in Google search box and you will get the best search results within seconds.

These service apartments in New Delhi have some of the best amenities available including fully equipped kitchen, dedicated telephone lines, power backup, air-conditioned bedrooms and living rooms, Wi-Fi etc. you can also ask for other services at the reception in case you need anything extra. Once visited, you will love to visit them again and again because of their exemplary hospitality and customer services.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Get a beautiful holiday experience with service apartments

It is a well-known fact that there is no place like home and there can never be a place like home. A lot of people go on business trips and for them staying away from home is a tough time and they want to get out of it as soon as possible. For those people, the place of dwelling is most often a hotel or a guest house, but they never manage to give the experience of a home. Instead they come with expensive rates and low facilities.

In such a scenario if someone gets the luxury of a service apartment then hotel apartments in Gurgaon is the best place to stay. It gives comfort and luxury at affordable rates. The facilities are very comfortable and you will not find a reason to be away from it.

One can also go for a family trip and stay in hotel apartments in Pune it gives you a comfortable and relieving experience, which you will never find in hotels. The quality of the accommodation is very basic yet elegant.

The staffs that are available and are at your service are very warm and friendly. Get in touch with Ahuja Residency to know about the latest deals and packages.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to book a guest house in South Delhi?

When you’ve to book a luxury guest house, then several patients prefer to stay at the bed and breakfast guest houses. These types of accommodation options are considered to be affordable and it also provides them with several luxuries that are provided by the other expensive hotels. Several boutique hotels now want to have the bed and breakfast module, as they are particularly popular with the international guests. They provide several luxurious facilities to their guests and ensure that it remains a comfortable stay for them.

It is a popular option for those people who’re travelling on a budget and would not want to compromise with the quality and the services. It is a highly preferred option for the business travelers who like to reside at places that provide them a comfortable option. The travellers can also reside in these places for a short duration of time. It also helps in cutting down the expenses of the travellers. Try to find an accommodation in a guest house in South Delhi and explore the comfort ability.

These guest houses have roomy bed rooms where the guests can feel comfortable. These rooms also have the attached bathrooms that are well equipped with various modern facilities. The luxury options are catered by limited people and the guests get quality service. The staffs that are available at the luxury bed and breakfast cater to their needs in an efficient manner. The apartment hotels in Delhi bring to you class and elegance at reasonable rates.

Get in touch with Ahuja residency to explore your comfortable options.

Friday, October 25, 2013

South Delhi’s Memorable Visit

New Delhi, capital of India is the best place to stay. It has everything you wish to have. And when we talk about the specific part then South Delhi is the place that should not be missed. A place that is bounded by the Yamuna River to the east, South West Delhi to the west, the districts of New Delhi to the North and Gurgaon district of Haryana to the southwest. 

It is near to every major city. A place that is considered as opulent of all residential districts of Delhi is becoming the most wanted place to stay. I too wanted to look how life is here at this part of Delhi thus I booked a room for myself at guest house South Delhi to experience the life and its style. It was my first visit to Delhi and I wanted to make it memorable.

To make my journey memorable, at first I decided to find the areas where I can enjoy the most. The areas that topped my list were the urban villages located in South Delhi, such as Lado Sarai, Hauz Khas village and Shahpur Jat. These areas were selected by me especially, as I found them more interesting in my research. Designer boutiques, art galleries, design studios, restaurants and many more were the areas of my interest. I loved Delhi very much and would love to come here again. I have heard that serviced apartments in Pune too are of great quality and they are provided by same service provider Ahuja Residency, so definitely I will visit there too. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fulfill Your Dream by Staying In Hotel Apartments

Yellowish sun seen from wide open windows, green leaves of large coconut trees moving with the cool wind’s direction, clear blue sky seen from your balcony and watching children’s playing in the spacious lawn area was all that I dreamed to have. You must be taking it as a fairy tale, i.e my fantasy or my boast about my dreamy world. But, I am not boasting about the imaginary world. It is in real.

When I heard it I too was shocked. How can all these things be at one place?  I thought it was my dream as it my dream to buy one. But, it was in real. One fine morning when I was having my morning tea my wife showed me the advertisement of this grandeur building. It couldn’t be a joke as the advertisement was published in National Daily.

I took a day off from office and ventured out to have a look and to check whether it was as real as shown. The hotel apartments in Gurgaon fulfilled my dream. It is as it was shown in advertisement. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was there right in front of my eyes.

Moreover, these grandeur apartment hotels in Delhi are located in the capital of India. What more could I want from my life? I immediately booked my space and today I am enjoying my stay.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Live in Serviced Apartments Once In Your Life

guest houses in delhi, serviced apartments gurgaon
Living in the best place is the dream of all. No matter whether it is for short period of time or it is for extended period of time, one should live one’s life to its fullest. Thus, during this business trip of mine, I got a fantastic opportunity to live in one of the classic styled guest houses in Delhi. It was the best experience of my life. Before this, I had misunderstood that only restaurants can provide good facilities t their customers but I was wrong.

It was truly the best serviced apartments Gurgaon; one can select to spend their time. You get the same type of facilities, which you experience in the hotels.  They too serve you well; provide you the best of the services, and give you best hospitality experience from their side. You won’t feel that you are getting fewer facilities than the expensive hotels.

In fact, you will enjoy world-class services in these serviced apartments. Here, you even have the facility of cooking the food yourself. It’s great, isn’t it? Living in the best location amidst good hospitable people with the choice of one’s type food is the best experience one can enjoy. You also try to live in these apartments once in your life. It’s worth it.    

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get Delighted With Guest House Delhi

Majestically located in the heart of Delhi “Defence Colony”- just 45 minutes from the airport and nearby to the shopping malls and boutiques will take your heart away. Your favorite time pass and things when bought from places such as South Extension and Khan Market will make your day. Not only this but these colonies have their own famous market with well- known restaurants, galleries and shops. 

The guest house Delhi is sure to woo you being an absolute showstopper with a Mediterranean disguise and huge styled shaded windows in each one of their three suites and four luxury double bedrooms. The rooms of this guest house are decorated lavishly with cozy double beds, plus carpets with deep armchairs. The rooms are interesting but the walls of the rooms too will pull your attention. As, the walls are filled with contemporary Indian artists they will make you stand and to have a deep look at them. Moreover, the service apartments Pune too are sumptuously filled with that royal touch.

The accommodation Pune apartments are best to live in. They too are pleasant to spend one’s life. In their villa too, you will be dominated by special separate dining room and a lounge with the facility of open paved eye-pleasing lawn; bar and outdoor barbeque to accompany you.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Your best accommodation option when visiting Delhi for a business meeting/conference

Hotel apartments in Gurgaon, Guest House Gurgaon
So, what’s the best accommodation option for you, if you’re going to visit Delhi for a business meeting? Well, there are many hotels and guest houses in the city. So, you can easily book your room in a hotel that you find most-suitable for your stay. But, then, you also have a choice to book your accommodation in the luxurious hotel apartments in Gurgaon; and if you are budged minded, you can plan your stay in a guest house in Gurgaon.

Each hotel or guest house is unique in itself, claiming to offer the best facilities, but you have to decide which one fits you the best. These days, when almost all hotels are online with their websites, finding out which one will offer you the best is easy. Google can help you a lot in your search for the hotel apartments in Gurgaon, or Delhi.

Last, but not the least, do take out some time to explore the city from your business work. Delhi houses centuries old forts, monuments, and temples, as well as the best that the modern world has to offer. Don’t miss out on a ride in the ‘Hop On Hop Off’ bus service, which is a unique initiative by the Delhi government to foster Delhi tourism.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Experience Living In Service Apartment Once

service apartments in pune, service apartment in Gurgaon
Living a luxurious yet peaceful life is not possible in every corner of the city. Somewhere there is luxurious lifestyle and somewhere there is serenity spread around. But recently I have found a place where serenity along with luxuriousness is waiting for you to relish the true fun of life. I am talking about service apartments in Pune. This suite of Ahuja Residency is a brand new service apartment complex located in posh colony of Pune. It is positioned in elite Kalyani Nagar district.

Not only it is set in the elite district of Pune but it is in the close proximity to the airport too. If you love shopping, if you are a foodie and love to visit entertainment complexes then you must try out this service apartment. Here, you will enjoy to your fullest. 

Ahuja Residency’s service apartment in Gurgaon too is one of its best kinds in the world. In both, you can avail the comfort and space of living in a serviced apartment, enjoying the services of star-rated apartment’s hotels in Pune. With up-to-the-minute, tastefully done centers, each Pune apartment hotel offers housing that meets the requirements of the most challenging business and leisure traveller. It is suited for both short as well as extended stay visitors. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hotel apartments give you a comfortable stay

Hotel apartments in Gurgaon
When you have to stay in a place that will give you a comfortable living and that too at affordable rates then what do you look for?

A simple hotel or a lodge that will give you all the facilities without much hassle is what you want.

But do you get this every time is the real question?

Whenever I have to travel, what I get are expensive rates everywhere and that just blows my pocket off.

As a traveller when I travel for my official reason or personal reason what I like is something that comes in the reasonable package and fulfills my criteria of comfort and care.

Gurgaon is a place that may be an expensive city, but there are several accommodation options that will not dissatisfy you. There are hotel apartments in Gurgaon that will give you the basic comforts and more than that in affordable rates.

I have stayed in Ahujaresidency and it was an experience which I will cherish. You can stay in the top notch hotels and still get nothing and then you can stay in a moderate hotel like this and get what you were seeking for.

Try it out and you will know what I have been talking about.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finding a Dream College in Pune

serviced apartments pune, guest houses gurgaon
After class 12th, everyone has a dream to pursue further studies in a good college.Most of us are dependent on our parent's choices but some of us have our mind made up. I fall in the latter category. I had already thought of applying at Symbiosis in Pune to study the course of my choice- Bachelors in Journalism.From my studies to likings to the choices of subjects i made, they were all dependent on this decision.So after getting good marks in class 12th, i set out to pursue my dreams in Pune. The journey from Gurgaon to Pune thus began.

After my arrival in Pune, i directly went to the college,where i had applied, given the test and passed with flying marks already. The next round was face to face interview for which they had called all the selected candidates to Pune. The interview went really well and i was hoping for an immediate positive response, when the faculty and staff in the college informed me that the board will take a time span of atleast 3-5 days. So i had no choice but to find a place to stay and wait. 

My friend works as the manager in one of the guest houses in Gurgaon,  and i have often visited the guest house to meet her and found it very warm and safe. I suddenly remember her mentioning that they have a branch of that residency in Pune too.After talking to her, i straight away went to one of the most upmarket area of Pune to have gladly discovered the serviced apartments.These serviced apartments in Pune offer the best of services, just like any other five star hotel.From location to the proximity from important places like the Airport and Railway Station, these guest houses are the best choice for anyone looking for a peaceful and affordable stay.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stay in spacious hotels and seek comfort

Affordable hotels in Pune, guest houses in Sundar Nagar
Whenever we have to travel to some place other than our own city, we are always apprehensive about the accommodation. We always want to stay in a place that is comfortable and is also reasonable.

For some work purpose, I had to go to Pune and from the time I was handed over this tour I got very skeptical.

But my friends told me that Pune as a city is very accommodating and beautiful. You will never face any problems relating to lodging, as the prices are so cheap and the comfort is just supreme.

All my fears and apprehensions just faded away once I landed in Pune and instantly I got the opportunity to stay in one of the guest houses in Pune. The guest house was located in an elite Kalyani Nagar district. There are also a lot of affordable hotels in Pune which you can visit and book your stay.

The services are like five star hotels and the prices are far less compared to those hotels.

I will suggest everyone to stay in guesthouses as compared to the hotels, as they are very cozy and comfortable. You get a feel of home while staying there.

Ahujaresidency provides a range of hotels and guest houses. So, you can book your stay in them very comfortably and forget about the rest.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Guest houses that give you a reason to travel more

Guest houses in Gurgaon, guest house south delhi
The guest houses found in India are beautifully extraordinary and they provide a comfortable stay to the foreigners as well as the domestic travellers. All you need to do is browse the internet and get all the information. You can get access to a number of websites that will give you an instant booking option, secure payment mode etc. You just have to give some of your details, and all your bookings will be done in a matter of few seconds.

When I came to Gurgaon, all I knew was that I require a comfortable stay. I got in touch with some guest houses in Gurgaon and I couldn’t believe what they had to offer- plush interiors, delicious meals, kitchen and bathroom, hi-fi internet connectivity and a lot more. All this at such reasonable rates, that I booked in my stay immediately without thinking much.

Check all the facilities that the guest house in south Delhi have to offer. When you are aware of all the facilities, you will know how much you want and how much you have to pay.

Ensure that the type of accommodation you require must have fully air-conditioned rooms, excellent power back up, securities, servants at your beck and call, and exquisite and delicious meals served in front of you.

When you get all these things at reasonable rates, think no more and just do your bookings!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Some useful tips on choosing a guest house in Gurgaon

Guest houses Gurgaon,   serviced apartments Pune 
When you have to choose a guest house in Gurgaon, you can’t just go in and ask them to give you a room and state all the requirements. It does not function like that. You have to know what your requirements are and then check the internet whether a particular guest house provides all those comforts or not.

While you are travelling, you will want to stay in a place that has beautiful interiors, net accessibility, delicious meals, a comfortable room and bed for a good night’s sleep.

Nearly all guest houses in Gurgaon and serviced apartments in Pune will provide you with rooms, but the difference lies in the fact that provides you with a good accommodation option.

Firstly, wherever you stay the location must be of top class. It must be situated in such a place from where you can access all the places. The location must be pleasant and it must not be very far away from the city.

Keep the cost in mind before deciding to stay. If you have enough money, then you can splurge on the accommodation type of your choice, but if you don’t have enough money, you must stick to the one which fits your bill.

Choose the one of your choice and enjoy your stay in bliss!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cities and the accommodation needs

pune service apartment, accommodation in pune, serviced apartment pune

Cities are big and getting bigger but the place to stay is getting shorter and shrinking by the day. One needs to understand that the cities are shrinking because more and more people are coming in to reside in cities for their commercial and economic purposes. More and more people come for various jobs and service in cities. They come for few years but eventually settle down in the city.

A city like Pune is one such city where people from all walks of life are coming and settling down. There are good options for accommodation in Pune. People are settling down in fully furnished apartments which are available for yearly lease. These apartments are available in posh buildings and are totally well furnished and well equipped.

One must understand the Pune is one such city where education as well as job opportunities are both available in great quantity and quality. Pune is a city of opportunities. It is also very closely connected with Bombay which is another great city for opportunities. A lot of accommodation and a lot of places to stay are available at low costs and at great facilities. There are many websites which are available where such information about the accommodation and other facilities are available.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking First Step of Life in Hotels of Pune…

hotels in pune, hotel in pune
Stepping a step ahead in one’s life is always good and when it’s about choosing one’s future then it’s much better regarding ones career prospects. I was new to the glimmering city called Pune; which formerly was known as Poona. As, I was new to this place I was not aware that where should I stay at this unknown city. Then, for my help there came Ahuja Residency one of the best hotels in Pune.

Before making a stay at this hotel in Pune, I was flummoxed of selecting the place according to my budget. As, I was a student I had already fixed a budget that beyond this selective range I cannot move. I had not imagined that I could get such a nice housing for me to spend my time. It came to rescue me from my teacher side. They aided me in suggesting the name of this hotel to continue my higher education.

This city has good number of educational institutions that helped the large number of student populace to inculcate one in the vibrant environment. There are many of the tourist’s attractions that will woo you and will give you the ways of spending more time at this scenic place.    

My first experience of staying in hotels in Pune proved worthy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Style and Affordability at One Go

Located in the most upmarket area of New Delhi, the establishment offers reasonable comfort, peaceful retreat within the city and well- meaning service. It is the oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the crowded city area.  I didn’t know that service apartments in Pune were much comfortable and much more convenient to make a stay rather than hotels in Pune.  When I had first come to Pune I had stayed in hotels of Pune and it had cost me more than my budget. This time I had already made up my mind not to make a stay at the hotels. Thus, I preferred serviced apartments this time so that I could enjoy the facilities and can take maximum advantage of my extra time.

This little known guest house is really worth as the jewel. It is the premier name in the hospitality sector of India. One cannot say that they are less than luxurious hotels. The services that they include are: 
  • Multipurpose desk
  • Refrigerators
  • Two telephones        
  • Mineral water
  • Hair dryer
  • Split unit air-conditioning
  • Tea/coffee makers
  • Electronic safes
  • Room service and few more services are there to serve you well.

Now, also you think that they are not much convenient as compared to luxurious hotels. You don’t right?  Not only this time but whenever I will get a chance to visit Pune I am going to stay at
Service Apartments in Pune