Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finding a Dream College in Pune

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After class 12th, everyone has a dream to pursue further studies in a good college.Most of us are dependent on our parent's choices but some of us have our mind made up. I fall in the latter category. I had already thought of applying at Symbiosis in Pune to study the course of my choice- Bachelors in Journalism.From my studies to likings to the choices of subjects i made, they were all dependent on this decision.So after getting good marks in class 12th, i set out to pursue my dreams in Pune. The journey from Gurgaon to Pune thus began.

After my arrival in Pune, i directly went to the college,where i had applied, given the test and passed with flying marks already. The next round was face to face interview for which they had called all the selected candidates to Pune. The interview went really well and i was hoping for an immediate positive response, when the faculty and staff in the college informed me that the board will take a time span of atleast 3-5 days. So i had no choice but to find a place to stay and wait. 

My friend works as the manager in one of the guest houses in Gurgaon,  and i have often visited the guest house to meet her and found it very warm and safe. I suddenly remember her mentioning that they have a branch of that residency in Pune too.After talking to her, i straight away went to one of the most upmarket area of Pune to have gladly discovered the serviced apartments.These serviced apartments in Pune offer the best of services, just like any other five star hotel.From location to the proximity from important places like the Airport and Railway Station, these guest houses are the best choice for anyone looking for a peaceful and affordable stay.

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