Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Where to stay if you’re in Delhi for a month or little more?

You’ll be visiting Delhi soon, for a month or so. You’ve a meeting with a client and then you also want to explore the capital along with your family. You think a hotel stay is a nice option. You’re right – a hotel stay is a nice option. But there is a better option – a stay in a guest house.

Why guest houses are such better option?

Because they’re so much different from hotels – moreover, they usually give you more space to rest, dine, and work. If you haven’t been to a guest house in Delhi before, try out it this time.

You can meet the client right at a meeting / conference room in the guest house in Delhi. After the meeting is over, you can set out to explore the capital along with your family. Plan out the travel in advance so that you don’t miss out on something important – be it the places in Delhi that you want to go to during this one month time in Delhi, or the dishes that you want to try out, or the malls or pubs or markets you want to go and enjoy, write down a small checklist and stick to it.

There are too many guest houses and apartment hotels in Delhi. Many of them even have websites – where you can book your month long stay. If you’re not sure about staying in a guest house in Delhi for the entire month, then you can book the stay for a week or so – if you find the stay comfortable, you can lengthen the stay.