Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Here is why serviced apartments emerge as the best staying options for executives travelling India

Serviced apartment Delhi, service apartment Gurgaon
India has undergone a transformation in the last couple of decades. Once considered a land of snake charmers, India has risen significantly in the world market. Name any global brand and chances are it’ll have its office here in the country.  Every year, thousands of executives travel to India for the India operations of their companies. And their stays vary from one week to one month or more. During this period, they stay at the service apartments appointed by their companies.

A service apartment in Delhi, Gurgaon, or in other cities, turn up as the best option for ensuring a comfortable stay for the executives; plus, these apartments cost way lesser than hotel rooms.

Service apartments are also preferred for their space advantage over the hotel rooms. Plus, they come with a fully equipped kitchenette so that occupants can shop and cook their food their way.

To search for the best apartments in the metro cities, one needs to enter a query like serviced apartment in Delhi or service apartment in Gurgaon and check out a couple of websites that emerge on the screen; spend some time in browsing through these sites and determine which serviced apartment makes sense to your specific needs.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Get ready for a memorable stay in Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India, and home to hundreds of forts, monuments, zoos, flea markets, and museums. And then there is the beautiful Lotus Temple that looks so awesome.

You can also dive into the magic of old Delhi charm, and roam and eat there to your fullest.

And then there are guest houses that present excellent options for a week-long stays. You can book a room in a guest house for as short stay as one night or as long stay as a month. For precise details, you will have to talk to the staff of the guest house.

If you haven’t booked a room yet for your Delhi vacation, go to Google and search for the best guest house in South Delhi or Guest House in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is quite near to Delhi, and in case you don’t find a guest house in Delhi, you can always look for one in Gurgaon. You get tastefully decorate rooms as well as local and international dishes to pick from.

Once in Delhi, you can also explore the CP, which is short for Connaught Place, Palika Bazaar, Pragati Maidan and ancient temples.

South Delhi, in particular, is a sheer delight for domestic and international travelers due to its wide, tree-lined roads and abundance of accommodation availability.

Last, but not the least, try to book your accommodation well in advance to avoid the last minute inconvenience.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You have more options than just hotels for your Pune stay

You’re going to Pune for a business meeting. You’re done with the presentation, and booked the flight as well. But, you still haven’t thought about the hotel room.

You think you’ll easily get one once you get into the city.

It’s true that Pune has hundreds of big and small hotels, and in most cases you’ll not face any difficulty in getting a room for a day or two.

However, it’s best to book your apartment hotel in Pune room well in advance.

If you’re fed with the hotels, I can suggest you a different accommodation in Pune that I have tried and found great.

Serviced apartments of Pune.

Believe me, you’d find them great because they are so different from the hotels.

You pay less. You get more space, more freedom, and a fully-equipped kitchenette to cook food whenever you want to.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to do things like laundry or room cleaning; these will be taken care of by the staff.

You can book these apartments for as short duration as one night or for as long as one or two months.

If you’re never tried serviced apartments before, then you can try them for a day or two, and move to a hotel if you don’t find the stay comfortable.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Going Pune for an important business meeting?

Accommodation pune, apartment hotel in pune
Pune is calling you this time, right?

You’re going there for a business meeting, which is damn important. You just don’t want to go wrong with this meeting.

You’re fully prepared, though a little nervous this time.

There is also one minor thing that is upsetting you.

Where would you stay in Pune? Though you can easily book a hotel room, you have been wondering for trying out something new, something differing this time.

How about making a serviced apartment your abode this time?

Believe me, you’ll love the stay as you get ample of space to relax, eat, and WORK.

Pull out your smartphone from your pocket and check for the best serviced apartments in Pune; you can also search for the best accommodation in Pune or apartment hotel in Pune.

Few words of wisdom – if you are not sure about the serviced apartment thing, then do this: book the apartment for only one night or two; if you didn’t like the stay, you will be able to move to some hotels of your choice. But, let me tell you this: you won’t shift. I have personally been to serviced apartments in Pune, and I simply loved the stay. Last, but not the least, serviced apartments cost you lesser than those luxury hotel rooms. So, you also end-up saving a good part of your hard-earned money.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Serviced apartments top the chart for the best accommodations in Pune. Find out why

Hotel apartments in Pune, accommodation pune
You’ll be off to India in a matter of days. You’re visiting the country for a company project, which may take you a couple of weeks.

So, where would you stay?

If you are flying to Pune, I’d suggest the serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments provide more space and facilities. You get a fully-equipped kitchenette; this ensures you prepare food your way. Whether you like Indian, Japanese, or Italian, you can shop for the ingredients from the local shops and make your favourite dishes.

You can even try hotel apartments in Pune for you stay.

When in Pune, make sure you explore the magic that Pune holds. Just like other cities, it has its own world to show you. Whether it is its intriguing history, or modern restaurants, festivals, and theaters, Pune is a city you will remember all your life.

It’s good to book accommodation in Pune in advance so that you can save yourself from the last minute inconveniences. And these days, you can book your accommodation in Pune online. Look for the best hotel or serviced apartment providers in the city; check them out on their websites and see which one is offering the best deals.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flying down to Delhi for a week-long stay? Try serviced apartments for a luxurious stay

serviced apartments Delhi
You’re going to visit Delhi soon. And you are likely to stay there for a week, or a little more. But, you do not want to stay with a relative or friend. Well, you can book a hotel room. Or, you can try serviced apartments in Delhi this time. You’d love the stay! Believe me.

First and foremost, serviced apartments in Delhi are cheaper than hotel rooms. Second, you get more space; you get ample of space for living, eating, and working. Even if you opt for a studio apartment, which is a perfect option for solo travelers, you will have a lot of space.

Moreover, these serviced apartments in Delhi come built with a fully-equipped kitchenette. This means you can cook your own food.

You get a host of services that you expect from a luxury hotel; and you also get a lot of freedom in terms of space and freedom to shop from the local markets and make your own food whenever you feel hungry.

Search through Google and you will come across a number of serviced apartments in Delhi. Speak to a few of those, and see which one has the best deals for you.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reasons you should visit Pune (at least once in your lifetime)

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. And you’d love being here, no matter which month it is. The locals are warm and welcome, and would gladly help you find ways to the top attractions of the city. And, then there are students who come to Pune from all over India and world. They give the city a student look.

The city caters to the travelers of all budgets. So whether you want a luxurious stay in the city, or want it pretty reasonable, you’ll get it in plenty. There are hotels and serviced apartments, and they both have their own pros and cons. When it comes to accommodation in Pune, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Even food wise, the city is a haven; right from continental to Japanese, and from Italian to French, you’ll find almost every dish in the Pune’s restaurants and hotels. However, we’d strongly suggest you to savour the local delicacies.

The old generation of the city says the city has transformed in the past two decades. Many educational institutions have sprung up in the city; many hotels and serviced apartments have been built in the last two decades; and the same is true for the infrastructure of the city.

Travelers – both domestic and international – flock to the city in huge numbers, and find the city amazingly beautiful. If you have not visited the city before, this is perhaps the best time to explore the magic that only Pune holds.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Studio apartments that give you comfort and pleasure of stay

Whenever we go out of our house and plan to stay in someplace that is cozy and comfortable we are always left with choices that are not very suitable to us or our pockets. However, when the time comes to stay in a place that is affordable then people do not go for hotels but opt for studio apartments. These apartments are such that they give you the comfort of staying at your own pleasure and the budget is also very affordable.

You don’t have to bother about the prices and you can stay for as long as time you want to without any hindrances.

In a hotel you will always be bothered by the hotels staff for some or the other thing but in a studio apartment in Gurgaon you will not be bothered like that and you will always be offered the services that are really cheap and yet they are very practical for you.

If you do not want to eat outside then you can always opt for making the food all by yourself, in this way you will be treated to taste of your own choice and you won’t face any problems too. There are also guest houses in Gurgaon which will give you space and affordability at your own choice. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Service apartments that make your stay comfortable

service apartments Gurgaon
Service apartments are something that you really look forward to living when you are out on the tours. They really look forward to guests who come to stay over for work purpose and spend days in the service apartments.

They have the best of services and facilities available, but you really need to search out for the ones that provide you exclusive services. Staying in hotels every time can become really expensive every time so they are one of the best alternatives.

There are service apartments in Gurgaon which bring the best for you in times when you are travelling out of the home. You won’t have to think about paying exorbitant bills and all you will be required to do is just stay at the place and relax yourself after a tiring day at work.

There won’t be anyone bothering you with unwanted check-in and once you are in you don’t have to bother about anything. They also have in room kitchen facilities where you can cook your food if you do not want to go outside and have something.

Try it out surely it would be better than the hotels which you find everywhere. Who knows you might stumble upon something good and worth spending the time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feel the difference in service apartments

Ashish is a very close friend of mine and he travels a lot for work purpose. He is literally living out on his suitcases! Last week when he met me for some delivery of the parcel to his native place, he seemed really worried.

I asked him what the matter was to which he replied that he is travelling day in and day out and due to that reason his expenses are just shooting up. Every time he has to stay in a hotel due to which a lot of money is spent on the accommodation and the food etc.

That is when I suggested him to opt for service apartments in Gurgaon when he is travelling to Gurgaon as they come as really cheap and the service too is very good. He actually thought about it and next week he had to go to New Delhi for a week.

Next week he gave me a call from New Delhi and told me that he is staying in one of the service apartments in New Delhi and he seemed very happy. The reason for his happiness was that he did not have to pay extra cash and still got whatever he wanted in the service apartment.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Where to stay while on a business trip?

service apartments New Delhi, hotel apartments in Delhi
If you are travelling to a different city for some business purpose then how do you choose the place where you will have to stay?

A lot of people ask their friends for some opinion and they get misled because of lack of information or the varying tastes and requirements. If your business purpose calls for attention and has some status in the industry and prestige, then obviously you will be looking out for some of the best choices. If that is not the case then one can choose a serviced apartment where they will get all the comfort.

You need to keep these things in mind while choosing one-

Location- When you have to visit some high end executive or some professional then you need to choose a place which is easy to reach and does not involve much travelling. Location is one thing which is of utmost importance. The hotel apartments in New Delhi will also be very cozy and comfortable.

Ambiance- After you are done with a busy day at office what you will require is the quietness of a service apartment than the hustle and bustle of a hotel room. The bustle of a busy restaurant or a bar may not be the best thing which you will want to have. A service apartment will be the best option with all the comforts and services. The service apartments in New Delhi will be a great option as it will be affordable and provide great comfort.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Serviced apartments and why you must stay in them?

Service apartment Gurgaon, guest houses in Gurgaon
A lot of people want to stay in serviced apartments when they are traveling out for personal or for work purpose. This is because this kind of an accommodation proves to be quiet beneficial for them as it provides several benefits rather than staying in a hotel room which proves to be expensive as well very boring.

When you are looking for serviced apartments for the purpose of accommodation then you are given the comfort and even the security which you have been looking for.

Here are some of the best features to be found in this kind of an apartment-

Stylish and comfortable
When looking for apartments that are serviced then you will be saving a lot in your accounts. When you will be staying in a hotel all your savings will go in the drain as it is so expensive. An apartment provides you with all the comfort and they are designed in a stylish way so as to make you feel comfortable and at home like environment. There is no need for you to spend huge amounts of money as you get luxurious rooms and all the comfort which you require. A service apartment in Gurgaon will give you all the comforts and will be really cozy for you.

Spacious environment

In several cases serviced apartments will offer you an area which is far better and spacious to a hotel room. This kind of an apartment will provide you huge space and you can just move freely in the room. There are also guest houses in Gurgaon which are far better and affordable as far as accommodation is concerned.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Find the service apartments for rent

Serviced apartments Gurgaon, service apartments New Delhi
Business takes us to places and it takes a lot of our expenses. The expenses begin to linger around us when we have to start by searching for a hotel and then search for a hotel that will fit your budget, but then you will not want to have hotels that are seedy or even for that matter cheap. It is not one of the easiest of the things to get, but all that was a thing of past as now we have service apartments to our rescue.

With the introduction of the fully furnished apartments it provides us amenities and even services that are quiet alike to a five star hotel, but they do not charge us much. This kind of a set-up is like a god send wish for the business travellers. As in a hotel you won’t be charged here like that as it is available in a fully furnished form of kitchen and you won’t even have to take the pain to order for the room service, as it is available with a fully furnished kitchen and you will get whatever you want there itself. There are service apartments in New Delhi too where the prices are really cheap and the services are really good.

You can cook the meals which you wish to have and have a cuppa coffee whenever you feel like having it. There are several service apartments in Gurgaon which will really make you feel comfortable and at ease at no time at all.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why is it good to stay in a service apartment?

If you are planning to go out to a foreign locale, then staying in a hotel may not be the best option. Certainly a hotel can provide you all the facilities, comfort and even security. If you want to have a long term stay, then a hotel would not be advisable. The prices that are rated in the apartments are very huge and for longer stay options always a service apartment is good.

The service apartments in Pune are certainly cheaper and they provide facilities that are more less the same that a hotel would offer you. They also provide the basic services like housekeeping and security. You can also find some service apartments with other amenities like pools, saunas, parking and even gyms and fitness centers.

These apartments are also equipped with a kitchen where the guest or the people who stay there can come and cook their own food they don’t have to worry about ordering the food from outside.

These apartments help in saving the hotel bill and you can also enjoy your stay here. Look through the available options and then choose one that gels with your requirement. You can decide which one will be the best for you.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

An accommodation in Pune will give you comfort and relaxation

Accommodation is something that we all live for strive for and earn for. We need a shelter on top of heads and for that we work so hard. We must go and ask those people who have not got anything on top of their head’s and they can’t even strife for.

An accommodation that is just made for us is so special that we would live all our life to earn that one big shelter on our head. A house is the most special thing one would want in their life and if a house is not there they whole purpose in life is failed as if.

Pune is a wonderful city and you would love to stay in Pune as the accommodation that you find there is really very cheap. You can first start staying in a rented accommodation and when you feel that you have enough money to buy one accommodation in Pune then you can do it on your own accord.

You can have a word with the real estate agents and then find out some good spaces where you can get a good space to live in with your family or friends.

Get in touch with Ahuja Residency and they will let you know where to find a good accommodation.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Some Decorating Ideas for a Guest House!

There are some lucky ones who own a guest house of their own! A guest house must primarily aim to be soothing, comfortable, and inviting for the guests.

Your budget can be modest and simple and yet you can add some great decorating ideas. It can be done to enhance and invite the guests over for a stay. The ideas that you add up to the place must reflect your own taste, and must not be aimed to overwhelm your guests.

Make it a darling of the environment!
Decorate the exteriors of the guest house with all the roofing and sheeting, so as to protect it from the climatic conditions. Blend it with the color schemes of the flora and fauna.

Use space cleverly
The space must be used sparingly-just the right blend-it will be all set for a comfortable setting. The place must reflect your style of simplicity and it will be useful and modest for you too. Pair the furniture in small groups, rather than arranging them in a line. Frame the windows with beautiful drapes and sheers, so as to attract attention. If you look at a guest house in Gurgaon, you’ll see that the place reflects style and really appears like a powerhouse!

Personalize it with sweet gestures
Your small and sweet gestures matters a lot. Guests really appreciate the small things done by the guest house staff, to show that they care and value their presence. Send in cookies, chocolates, and juices at regular intervals to make them feel special. There are guest houses in Delhi that take special efforts, to go the extra mile to please the guests.

Have a look at the guest houses of Ahuja Residency, and you’ll love just love the thought of staying there.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stay in a hotel apartment and enjoy the bliss

apartment hotels in Delhi, service apartments New Delhi
There are times when we feel like getting out of the home and to go to some place where you can get a cool treatment.

A place where you will get all the facilities and everyone will be at your service to please you. Take some days off and go to some place where you can visit the natural beauty and see something new and refreshing. It will renew your dead brain and bring back the vigor in your life.

When going to some tourist place what you need the most is a suitable accommodation. Apartment hotels in Delhi will give you all that you need and a lot more.

You can also check out the service apartments in New Delhi. It is affordable and yet very comforting. When travelling, always ensure to choose a place that is up to your level. It must not be hired on a whim, but it must be a careful thought.

Think before you choose a place to stay, as a place that is not up to the mark will only give you added hassles and nothing more.

Get in touch with Ahuja Residency and you will get a lot of facilities ad that too at affordable rates