Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flying down to Delhi for a week-long stay? Try serviced apartments for a luxurious stay

serviced apartments Delhi
You’re going to visit Delhi soon. And you are likely to stay there for a week, or a little more. But, you do not want to stay with a relative or friend. Well, you can book a hotel room. Or, you can try serviced apartments in Delhi this time. You’d love the stay! Believe me.

First and foremost, serviced apartments in Delhi are cheaper than hotel rooms. Second, you get more space; you get ample of space for living, eating, and working. Even if you opt for a studio apartment, which is a perfect option for solo travelers, you will have a lot of space.

Moreover, these serviced apartments in Delhi come built with a fully-equipped kitchenette. This means you can cook your own food.

You get a host of services that you expect from a luxury hotel; and you also get a lot of freedom in terms of space and freedom to shop from the local markets and make your own food whenever you feel hungry.

Search through Google and you will come across a number of serviced apartments in Delhi. Speak to a few of those, and see which one has the best deals for you.

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