Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stay in spacious hotels and seek comfort

Affordable hotels in Pune, guest houses in Sundar Nagar
Whenever we have to travel to some place other than our own city, we are always apprehensive about the accommodation. We always want to stay in a place that is comfortable and is also reasonable.

For some work purpose, I had to go to Pune and from the time I was handed over this tour I got very skeptical.

But my friends told me that Pune as a city is very accommodating and beautiful. You will never face any problems relating to lodging, as the prices are so cheap and the comfort is just supreme.

All my fears and apprehensions just faded away once I landed in Pune and instantly I got the opportunity to stay in one of the guest houses in Pune. The guest house was located in an elite Kalyani Nagar district. There are also a lot of affordable hotels in Pune which you can visit and book your stay.

The services are like five star hotels and the prices are far less compared to those hotels.

I will suggest everyone to stay in guesthouses as compared to the hotels, as they are very cozy and comfortable. You get a feel of home while staying there.

Ahujaresidency provides a range of hotels and guest houses. So, you can book your stay in them very comfortably and forget about the rest.