Monday, December 17, 2012

Topmost Hospitality of India

A place of elegance, a touch of silk softening bed, delicious and healthy food to eat and of course not to forget a cozy silent morning to get up and see the sun rising is all found at the most beautiful place ‘Pune’. I had never imagined that India had so much of beauty stored with them. It’s such an incredible place that one must visit in their life. When does one praise about anything they feel special; it’s when he or she feels something extraordinary about something, isn’t it?  And among the places of India Pune is the best town that carries some special effects along with it.

When I had to stay in one of the service apartment Pune I didn’t realized that I was not in my own home and especially in my own country. Though hotel in Pune are also good but this time I preferred to stay in these apartments as I wanted to gain some different experience.  I had just selectively chosen Ahuja residency and they turned out to be the best leading provider of India. Whenever you think the name of best hospitality then come at their doorsteps you won’t regret this decision. Get comfort and safety at affordable cost.         

Friday, November 9, 2012

Luxurious Stay at Pune Serviced Apartment

Premium luxury holiday homes and Pune service apartment were those things of my life that I had not ever spent my life in. I had stayed at almost each and every hotels in Pune but this time I wanted something different to experience. Thus, this time when my boss was planning to send me Pune for some of the official work to be done, I thought to ask him if he could book a ticket to these serviced apartments where the official work will be done and my desire will also be fulfilled.

At that time he had turned a deaf ear to my plea and had shown the blind eye but later after one hour, unexpectedly he came to me and handed over me the tickets of one of the best pune service apartment. I was overwhelmed with joy; the moment that I was waiting to explore the joyful city, to get a view of breathtaking sunrise was calling me to pay a visit. As, soon as I reached home I got my bags packed and started dreaming about the apartment.

Next morning, I reached my destination. Really, the place almost made me lost by its scenic view. Not only my meeting went well but my trip to these serviced apartment was also fantastic.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Celebrate Your Time in Hotels of Pune

A place where your desires are fulfilled, a place where you meet your expectations and a place where charisma meets beauty is located in Pune. This majestic place is called serviced apartment Pune. If you want to experience heaven on earth then plan a trip to this place. It’s not very far from Delhi or any other parts of India. This apartment has recently been built in the elite area of Kalyani Nagar, one of the popular districts in Pune.

It’s well-known by the name of AR Suites Fontana Bay which is a brand new service apartment complex. It is in close propinquity to the airport and is just a way of few minutes from the most wanted daily necessities things such as shopping complex, fast food joints, and even entertainment complexes. Hotel in Pune is just a classic touch to today’s modern structure.

This Fontana Bay gives you the comfort and space along with the facilities of a star-rated apartment and even hotels of Pune. Stay wherever you like as this apartment consists of 19 rooms with one-bedroom facility and 5 rooms with two-bedroom facilitated apartment.

Celebrate this festive season as it’s the most suited place to go for spending your special time with your loved ones whether it is meant for short stay visitors or it to celebrate some special occasion as Diwali.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Enrich the Legacy of Guest House

Enrich Delhi Green Legacy closely. Many have identified the capital of India, ‘New Delhi’ as a city of crime but have misunderstood its real beauty, its hidden treasure, its identity. Delhi is one of India’s finest cities that have got many things to offer its visitors. If you are planning to pay a visit to India then instead of choosing hotels do go for guest houses Delhi this time to have a different experience. Most of the people tend to ignore the lavish experience of guest house Delhi for having limited fun at five star hotels.

When I had first visited Delhi, I too had booked hotel for me and my wife but my children were against it and they had booked their room in guest house.  I didn’t cancel my room booking as I had already paid them half of the money. Though we were in the same city we could not stay in the same hotel. It’s not that that hotel where we stayed was not lavish or not enough luxurious but when I and my wife visited their place; we really found it much better. Actually, it’s the premier name of hospitality service. It’s a peaceful retreat. From next time if we ever got a chance to visit this city again, definitely Ahuja Residency guest houses Delhi is going to be the first option.       

Monday, September 17, 2012

AR Suites Fontana Bay: The Happy Living

AR Suites Fontana Bay is your natural habitat with all the luxurious facilities; what you get here is a home away from home. This brand new service apartment complex is situated in Pune’s elite Kalyani Nagar District, and is in close proximity to the airport; there are several shopping, eating and entertainment complex just minutes away from the serviced apartment complex.

AR Suites Fontana Bay, The serviced apartments Pune, features one and two bedroom apartments complete with broadband Internet, LCD TV with DVD and cable channels, stylish, modern furniture and a fully-equipped kitchenette.

Other amenities in apartments include:
  • Multipurpose desk
  • Electronic safes
  • Refrigerators
  • Tea/coffee makers
  • Split unit air-conditioning
  • Hair dryer
  • Mineral water
  • Room service
  • Two telephones
  • Morning newspaper

At AR Suites Fontana Bay one can avail the comfort and space of service apartments along with the services of a star-rated apartment hotel in Pune. You get the best of the world here. The serviced apartment complex, consisting of 19 one-bedroom and 5 two-bedroom apartments, is ideally suited for short as well as extended stay visitors. So, you can choose the apartment which meets your budget and requirements the best. With modern, tastefully done interiors, each Pune apartment hotel offers accommodation that meets the requirements of the most demanding business or leisure traveller. We, essentially, give you a better option than getting a room in a hotel in Pune.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hotels in Pune Better Place To Stay

Do you love travelling but are worried about the expenses that you have to bear? Whenever you plan to make a trip to some distant places the thing that falls heavy in your mind is Money. Hey! Have you ever thought to make a trip to Pune? If yes then you must be aware about its beauty but have you ever come across accommodation Pune that has its unique oeuvre in its arena and which provides you with all the basic amenities. For travel lovers Ahuja Residency has got some news.

Go Pune as the staffs of hotels in Pune are tempted to satisfy your thirst of getting better service at affordable rate. Not only hotels in Pune which Ahuja Residency suggests in front of you are of course of better quality but it is well fitted according to your budget. It is upon you in which type of hotels you want to live in. There are hotels from high class to medium class, seven stars to five star hotels so it is totally upon you where you want to stay.

Come to Ahuja’s and get to know the budget hotels in Pune having all kinds of facilities. These hotels will prove to be a tremendous stay. Have Fun

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hotels in Pune: Where value meets value

Pune is one of those cities beside the capital city of India ‘New Delhi’, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore where most of the people love to walk out together to have fun.

This magnificent place Pune is considered as a famous destination for the educational sector and is also taking pace in the sector of Information Technology. And it is not far behind in the sector of hospitality, in the sector of tourism. This magnifying city is able to grasp the attention of their targeted visitors and guests towards its beauty. Many of the people come to Pune for the purpose of education, many come for purchasing lands and properties and most of them hover around this city to enjoy the uniqueness of this bubbling city. For this, at first their search is hotels in Pune.

There are wide ranges of hotels in Pune for the travelers to enjoy. There are array of hotels from where you can choose from for a perfect accommodation Pune so that you can enjoy the scenic view from the room of your hotels also.  Most of the travellers love to stay in the hotels provided by Ahuja Residency.  Even I was satisfied with their great service done towards me and my family. Thus, I can assure you that your trip is going to be full of fun and excitement if you let Ahuja Residency plan your trip.