Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Here is why serviced apartments emerge as the best staying options for executives travelling India

Serviced apartment Delhi, service apartment Gurgaon
India has undergone a transformation in the last couple of decades. Once considered a land of snake charmers, India has risen significantly in the world market. Name any global brand and chances are it’ll have its office here in the country.  Every year, thousands of executives travel to India for the India operations of their companies. And their stays vary from one week to one month or more. During this period, they stay at the service apartments appointed by their companies.

A service apartment in Delhi, Gurgaon, or in other cities, turn up as the best option for ensuring a comfortable stay for the executives; plus, these apartments cost way lesser than hotel rooms.

Service apartments are also preferred for their space advantage over the hotel rooms. Plus, they come with a fully equipped kitchenette so that occupants can shop and cook their food their way.

To search for the best apartments in the metro cities, one needs to enter a query like serviced apartment in Delhi or service apartment in Gurgaon and check out a couple of websites that emerge on the screen; spend some time in browsing through these sites and determine which serviced apartment makes sense to your specific needs.

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