Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Your Guide to Budget Guest Houses in Delhi – I

You’re planning a trip to Delhi along with your friends.

You’re happy – so is your gang. You’re done with the list of things-to-do.

But you’re little skeptical about your stay in Delhi. Should you go and stay in a hotel? Or, should budget guest houses in Delhi are a better option? Or, should you stay in any of your relatives’? My advice is ‘stay where you’re likely to be most comfortable’.

It could be a hotel, a guest house, or your uncle’s or aunt’s place. But if you’ve made up your mind for the budget guest houses in Delhi, I might help you find a good one, within your budget.

See when we talk about budget guest houses of Delhi, we somehow mean the cheapest guest houses in Delhi. But cheapest aren’t what I would advise you for. Moving into a cheap guest house might ruin the very fun that you’re going Delhi for. The wisdom lie in picking a guest house, which is reputed, has all the facilities you might need during your stay and is built near to Delhi’s top attractions. Google for the top budget guest houses in Delhi and you might find some guest houses that should make sense.

Some guest houses might offer you bed & breakfast, while others will likely to cater to all your accommodation and food and drink and travelling needs. Ideally the better the guest is, the higher its traffic will be. So choose wisely.

I’ve been to a couple of guest houses in Delhi. And my experience, so far, has been very good. I found the staff polite and helpful. I found the location wonderful. And I also felt their tariffs were pretty affordable. What I usually do is conduct a quick online search for guest house reviews. Then I go through their websites. And last of all, I call them up and see whether they have a room for my stay in the city. I usually don’t choose a guest house solely on the basis of their tariffs – a comfortable stay is what remains on the top of my list when I look at the websites of the guest houses of Delhi.

But I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t consider pricing – do have a look at their tariffs and how much you’ll like to pay for a room. But the important thing is you should emphasis on comfort and location more than the pricing. The apartment hotels in Delhi, for instance, are costlier than the cheap guest houses, but they do give you value for your money.

My next post is likely to be on tips on Delhi’s travel. Being a local, I have explored Delhi like anything and have a lot of interesting things to share about this city. So make sure you don’t miss out on the post.