Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why you should Choose Apartments over Hotels in Pune?

Do you think renting apartment over hotel is a wise decision? If yes, you too are one in the long list who prefers apartments over hotels. This is very true as you can enjoy a number of benefits in an apartment that will not be offered in hotels. In this post, we’ll focus mainly on preferring apartment hotel in Pune over other hotels.

Here are the good reasons which shows why people look for apartments for accommodation in Pune:
  • Safety and privacy
Unlike hotels, apartments in Pune provide complete safety and privacy, ensuring a comfortable and wonderful stay. Most of the apartments have on-site managers to make sure that the guests are safe and secure.
  • Entertain your guests
You have the complete space to entertain your guests in the privacy. You do not have to take them out every now and then for entertainment. However, you can arrange your own party at your apartment hotel in Pune.
  • Home food
Apartment accommodation in Pune is like a home away from home. You will not miss the home food anymore as there is the facility to cook as per your needs and requirements. No matter whether you want a cup of coffee early in the morning or some Maggie late at night, you can use your kitchen to prepare and prepare.

Therefore, most visitors in Pune prefer to rent an apartment over hotel, as it helps them to enjoy the stay without spending a fortune.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Your Guide to Budget Guest Houses in Delhi – I

You’re planning a trip to Delhi along with your friends.

You’re happy – so is your gang. You’re done with the list of things-to-do.

But you’re little skeptical about your stay in Delhi. Should you go and stay in a hotel? Or, should budget guest houses in Delhi are a better option? Or, should you stay in any of your relatives’? My advice is ‘stay where you’re likely to be most comfortable’.

It could be a hotel, a guest house, or your uncle’s or aunt’s place. But if you’ve made up your mind for the budget guest houses in Delhi, I might help you find a good one, within your budget.

See when we talk about budget guest houses of Delhi, we somehow mean the cheapest guest houses in Delhi. But cheapest aren’t what I would advise you for. Moving into a cheap guest house might ruin the very fun that you’re going Delhi for. The wisdom lie in picking a guest house, which is reputed, has all the facilities you might need during your stay and is built near to Delhi’s top attractions. Google for the top budget guest houses in Delhi and you might find some guest houses that should make sense.

Some guest houses might offer you bed & breakfast, while others will likely to cater to all your accommodation and food and drink and travelling needs. Ideally the better the guest is, the higher its traffic will be. So choose wisely.

I’ve been to a couple of guest houses in Delhi. And my experience, so far, has been very good. I found the staff polite and helpful. I found the location wonderful. And I also felt their tariffs were pretty affordable. What I usually do is conduct a quick online search for guest house reviews. Then I go through their websites. And last of all, I call them up and see whether they have a room for my stay in the city. I usually don’t choose a guest house solely on the basis of their tariffs – a comfortable stay is what remains on the top of my list when I look at the websites of the guest houses of Delhi.

But I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t consider pricing – do have a look at their tariffs and how much you’ll like to pay for a room. But the important thing is you should emphasis on comfort and location more than the pricing. The apartment hotels in Delhi, for instance, are costlier than the cheap guest houses, but they do give you value for your money.

My next post is likely to be on tips on Delhi’s travel. Being a local, I have explored Delhi like anything and have a lot of interesting things to share about this city. So make sure you don’t miss out on the post.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Where to stay if you’re in Delhi for a month or little more?

You’ll be visiting Delhi soon, for a month or so. You’ve a meeting with a client and then you also want to explore the capital along with your family. You think a hotel stay is a nice option. You’re right – a hotel stay is a nice option. But there is a better option – a stay in a guest house.

Why guest houses are such better option?

Because they’re so much different from hotels – moreover, they usually give you more space to rest, dine, and work. If you haven’t been to a guest house in Delhi before, try out it this time.

You can meet the client right at a meeting / conference room in the guest house in Delhi. After the meeting is over, you can set out to explore the capital along with your family. Plan out the travel in advance so that you don’t miss out on something important – be it the places in Delhi that you want to go to during this one month time in Delhi, or the dishes that you want to try out, or the malls or pubs or markets you want to go and enjoy, write down a small checklist and stick to it.

There are too many guest houses and apartment hotels in Delhi. Many of them even have websites – where you can book your month long stay. If you’re not sure about staying in a guest house in Delhi for the entire month, then you can book the stay for a week or so – if you find the stay comfortable, you can lengthen the stay.

Friday, May 22, 2015

4 tips to explore Pune

Pune has a charm that no other city in this country has. Believe you me on this, if you get a chance to come to this city, make sure you do not end up just sleeping and eating out; there’s a world to explore in this city. And by the time, you’d explore the major parts of this city; you’d be like, ‘God! How a city could have such terrific culture, places, delicacies, and places to live in, that too in budget?!’

Herein this post, I’m going to share with you a total of 4 tips that you’d otherwise not find anywhere else on the web and travel magazines; and believe me, these tips are going to help you get out of the experience that only Pune city has to offer.

Stay for at least a week
I talked to many people in my circle and they shared one common thing about their travel stories that disturbed me like anything. Almost 90 to 95 per cent of people would go to tourist spots and great cities like Pune and explore it all within 2 to 3 days. “2-3 days are more than enough to explore a place” says one of my colleagues.

How stupid?!

For a city like Pune, you need at least a week, else you wouldn’t be able to see the city the way I want you to see it. The city is so full of things that at least a week would be able to do justice. So make sure you arrange for a week vacation when planning to come to this city.

Are you someone on a business trip?
Many of the strangers in this city turn out to be business executives who come to Pune either from some part of the country or from outside. Now even if you are on a business trip, you can explore the city and its beautiful attractions if you plan it in advance. Here’s what you should do:

Zero in on places that Pune is best known for
Now zero in on those places that excite you the most
Take out your smartphone and book your accommodation in Pune; I’d advise you to pick a service apartment in the city as they happen to be both pocket-friendly and much more inviting than usual hotel rooms.

Third and last, direct the staff at the service apartment or hotel in Pune to arrange a cab for you to explore the city, particularly the places that you zeroed on.

For the foodies!
You exist because food exists! I too am a foodie. And I am deeply in love with Pune because it’s a paradise for foodies. No matter which part of the city you are into, you’d find great restaurants, food corners, and local vendors. Make sure you taste the local delicacies.
Download an app (there are many!) that can guide you on the best places to eat in Pune.

The guide
I do not see any reason for running away from them. Whenever I go to some place, I see people trying to avoid the guides (some guides are actually very irritating; so it’s better to avoid them). They charge you a very small fee, but I find them putting into a hell lot of efforts into explaining one thing after another to the tourist and ensuring that the tourist understands what he/she is seeing.

I’m done with the tips! And I seriously hope that these tips you explore the city of Pune!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Indulgent, Exclusive Stays in Delhi Serviced Apartment

The days when you were stuck with mediocre to semi-luxury hotels if you were looking for budget stay in New Delhi. Today, you will find a range of fully serviced apartments, from studios to penthouse apartments, all with no minimum stay.  These are great for short term as well as long term stays and will give you all the pleasures of an exclusive stay at much lower prices. Staying at Service Apartments in New Delhi gives you a lot; here are some to get you started on the advantages.

  • Top Tier Residential Facilities
Exclusive luxurious living that gives you the very best of global living and luxury is now available at serviced apartments. When you are on a business trip, or a pleasure trip with every intention to make the best of your stay, there is very little time to lose. Apartment Hotels in Delhi gives you the top of class service that you cannot expect from your traditional average hotels.
  • Discretion and attention to your privacy
Your discretion is of prime importance to serviced apartments. Actually this is what drives their customers to choose them over other options. The level of care and attention you will receive here is almost unprecedented for places in this category. Presence of security services, cameras and accounted entry and exit offers complete peace of mind.
  • Centrally secluded 
Premium staying opportunities for staying in New Delhi located centrally are disadvantaged by noise and city din. Those that are on the brink of the city are silent but you don’t want to be anywhere too far off from the center of the city. These modern apartment hotels in Delhi are centrally located yet secluded from the noise of the world beyond. Just what you need for your business or pleasure trip to capital.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Branded Corporate Living Spaces

They say what’s in a name; apparently there is lot in names. Serviced apartments in Pune are different from any apartment because they are close in purpose to a hotel room than an apartment. But there is a lot that is different from hotels and if you have been looking for corporate housing for your employees and you got confused between hotels and serviced apartments and then someone asked you – what is in a name, here is how you reply to that question.

 Offices need branded space for their employees. There are certain requirements and expectations from corporate buyers, the service being offered has to be tweaked and customized to meet individual expectations, and hotels fall short on that. Corporates expect a branded experience that is unique. In the west the corporates are playing with the concept of branded living where Serviced apartments in Pune rebrand themselves or create sub brands for their corporate client and provide customized services. 

Though a lot remains to be done, Serviced apartments in Pune can currently offer you branded living spaces for your employees. And what exactly do you get from that?

Despite seemingly simple, the need for high speed internet is actually very important, particularly so for corporate guests. A guest may have a meeting to attend the next day of his stay and he or she may need to email or research topics on the internet. Without a proper working connection, a lot could go wrong. No one expects that level of service from a hotel simply because they have deniability, but serviced apartments in Pune will give you exactly what you need from someone in charge of your brand. You can expect a service that will be up to the mark every time one of your guests steps in – with Serviced apartments in Pune you can always expect consistent quality, compliance and reliability.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why You Don’t Even Need To Think Twice Before Hiring Serviced Apartment In Pune?

When you don’t want to compromise on the privacy, comfort and space of your home, there is always the option of Serviced apartments in Pune to consider. Convenient and fully equipped spaces provided by these guest houses are perfect for long as well as temporary stays. Apartment hotel in Pune are known for the ‘home-from-home’ feeling which is exactly what you want when you are away from home, either on business or for pleasure. If you have been patronizing an old hotel for too long and now it seems too much trouble to find a different place to stay in Pune, let us convince you, there is quite a lot that you stand to gain from choosing a Serviced apartment in Pune. What exactly are they, let’s see.

We all love saving money don’t we? Serviced apartments in Pune are great if you want to pay the optimal price and get no cuts on amenities. With hotels you pay for every person, but with apartment hotels it’s different. These normally charge for the apartment, which as you might have guessed is perfect if you are part of a large bunch of guests with a long itinerary in Pune. So here is what you do, find out the rates of every hotel in the locality where you want to stay and find out the corresponding rates at Serviced apartments in Pune.

Another thing that is great and noteworthy about Serviced apartments in Pune is that these combine the very best of services you will find in a hotel and the awesome service that only a service apartment can provide. Find out what more apartment hotels in Pune have to offer right away.