Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Indulgent, Exclusive Stays in Delhi Serviced Apartment

The days when you were stuck with mediocre to semi-luxury hotels if you were looking for budget stay in New Delhi. Today, you will find a range of fully serviced apartments, from studios to penthouse apartments, all with no minimum stay.  These are great for short term as well as long term stays and will give you all the pleasures of an exclusive stay at much lower prices. Staying at Service Apartments in New Delhi gives you a lot; here are some to get you started on the advantages.

  • Top Tier Residential Facilities
Exclusive luxurious living that gives you the very best of global living and luxury is now available at serviced apartments. When you are on a business trip, or a pleasure trip with every intention to make the best of your stay, there is very little time to lose. Apartment Hotels in Delhi gives you the top of class service that you cannot expect from your traditional average hotels.
  • Discretion and attention to your privacy
Your discretion is of prime importance to serviced apartments. Actually this is what drives their customers to choose them over other options. The level of care and attention you will receive here is almost unprecedented for places in this category. Presence of security services, cameras and accounted entry and exit offers complete peace of mind.
  • Centrally secluded 
Premium staying opportunities for staying in New Delhi located centrally are disadvantaged by noise and city din. Those that are on the brink of the city are silent but you don’t want to be anywhere too far off from the center of the city. These modern apartment hotels in Delhi are centrally located yet secluded from the noise of the world beyond. Just what you need for your business or pleasure trip to capital.

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