Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Branded Corporate Living Spaces

They say what’s in a name; apparently there is lot in names. Serviced apartments in Pune are different from any apartment because they are close in purpose to a hotel room than an apartment. But there is a lot that is different from hotels and if you have been looking for corporate housing for your employees and you got confused between hotels and serviced apartments and then someone asked you – what is in a name, here is how you reply to that question.

 Offices need branded space for their employees. There are certain requirements and expectations from corporate buyers, the service being offered has to be tweaked and customized to meet individual expectations, and hotels fall short on that. Corporates expect a branded experience that is unique. In the west the corporates are playing with the concept of branded living where Serviced apartments in Pune rebrand themselves or create sub brands for their corporate client and provide customized services. 

Though a lot remains to be done, Serviced apartments in Pune can currently offer you branded living spaces for your employees. And what exactly do you get from that?

Despite seemingly simple, the need for high speed internet is actually very important, particularly so for corporate guests. A guest may have a meeting to attend the next day of his stay and he or she may need to email or research topics on the internet. Without a proper working connection, a lot could go wrong. No one expects that level of service from a hotel simply because they have deniability, but serviced apartments in Pune will give you exactly what you need from someone in charge of your brand. You can expect a service that will be up to the mark every time one of your guests steps in – with Serviced apartments in Pune you can always expect consistent quality, compliance and reliability.

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