Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feel the difference in service apartments

Ashish is a very close friend of mine and he travels a lot for work purpose. He is literally living out on his suitcases! Last week when he met me for some delivery of the parcel to his native place, he seemed really worried.

I asked him what the matter was to which he replied that he is travelling day in and day out and due to that reason his expenses are just shooting up. Every time he has to stay in a hotel due to which a lot of money is spent on the accommodation and the food etc.

That is when I suggested him to opt for service apartments in Gurgaon when he is travelling to Gurgaon as they come as really cheap and the service too is very good. He actually thought about it and next week he had to go to New Delhi for a week.

Next week he gave me a call from New Delhi and told me that he is staying in one of the service apartments in New Delhi and he seemed very happy. The reason for his happiness was that he did not have to pay extra cash and still got whatever he wanted in the service apartment.

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