Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking First Step of Life in Hotels of Pune…

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Stepping a step ahead in one’s life is always good and when it’s about choosing one’s future then it’s much better regarding ones career prospects. I was new to the glimmering city called Pune; which formerly was known as Poona. As, I was new to this place I was not aware that where should I stay at this unknown city. Then, for my help there came Ahuja Residency one of the best hotels in Pune.

Before making a stay at this hotel in Pune, I was flummoxed of selecting the place according to my budget. As, I was a student I had already fixed a budget that beyond this selective range I cannot move. I had not imagined that I could get such a nice housing for me to spend my time. It came to rescue me from my teacher side. They aided me in suggesting the name of this hotel to continue my higher education.

This city has good number of educational institutions that helped the large number of student populace to inculcate one in the vibrant environment. There are many of the tourist’s attractions that will woo you and will give you the ways of spending more time at this scenic place.    

My first experience of staying in hotels in Pune proved worthy.

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