Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fulfill Your Dream by Staying In Hotel Apartments

Yellowish sun seen from wide open windows, green leaves of large coconut trees moving with the cool wind’s direction, clear blue sky seen from your balcony and watching children’s playing in the spacious lawn area was all that I dreamed to have. You must be taking it as a fairy tale, i.e my fantasy or my boast about my dreamy world. But, I am not boasting about the imaginary world. It is in real.

When I heard it I too was shocked. How can all these things be at one place?  I thought it was my dream as it my dream to buy one. But, it was in real. One fine morning when I was having my morning tea my wife showed me the advertisement of this grandeur building. It couldn’t be a joke as the advertisement was published in National Daily.

I took a day off from office and ventured out to have a look and to check whether it was as real as shown. The hotel apartments in Gurgaon fulfilled my dream. It is as it was shown in advertisement. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was there right in front of my eyes.

Moreover, these grandeur apartment hotels in Delhi are located in the capital of India. What more could I want from my life? I immediately booked my space and today I am enjoying my stay.

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